Top River Rafting Destinations in the World

River rafting is an African adventure that can’t be associated with any other. This adrenaline fuelled event needs teamwork, strength, balance, determination and a fearless outlook. The roaring rapids will not show mercy, and winning them is a success you will don’t ever forget. When you try your hand at river rafting, you will almost definitely fill up with the requirement to overcome something bigger and better. If you are one of those thrill seekers in search of the best river rafting venues on the planet, then look no further. We present some of the best river destinations in the world.


Sublime places like the Arkansas River, the Dolores River, and the Colorado River give scenic beauty and challenging rapids to cater for every person.

Zambezi River in Zimbabwe

The majestic Victoria Falls set the tone before heading to the Zambezi to triumph over its wild white waters. Long, quick test, difficult slopes and a lot of pressure mean that this is just for the knowledgeable rather.

Futaleufu River in Chile

Chiles provides a plethora of other activities like kayaking, horseback riding, and mountain biking, but the Futaleufu River is the chief attraction. This gigantic river will test your courage with its thriving waves.

Victoria Nile River in Uganda

Uganda is home to a few of the most remarkable African landscapes that attract thousands of travelers each year. The Victoria Nile River is one of its award-winning gems and provides the actual whitewater rafting experience. See more.

Orange River in South Africa

An ideal family adventure, South Africa has a scenic beauty, an impressive wildlife and exciting rafting in one of its best-known rivers.

Yangtze River in China

The great bend of the Yangtze River has become a famous destination for beams around the world. The mighty rapids give a challenging and exhilarating journey that is enhanced by the breathtaking scenery on offer as you battle through the whitewater.

Magpie River in Canada

Rafting on the intense Magpie River is an experience you will not ever forget. The 80-foot falls of this river in the tree line offer a challenge you will never forget. Dazzling speed, breathless drops, and powerful waves are only some of the things that you will experience in these wild waters.


Exploring ancient rainforests sparkling rivers and along winding is what you can expect in the Land Down Under. Considered one of the best places to ultimate rafting in the world, if you choose from the enjoys of the North Nymboida River or Johnstone River, your appetite for river rafting adventure is assured to be satisfied.

Organized river rafting trips are a great idea for both beginners and professionals alike. The river rafting tours offer everything the necessary equipment, guidance, and instruction. If the trip covers some days, the river rafting company can also provide camping accommodation. Trips are available to lookouts of all skill levels, from beginners in first-time rafting to skilled professionals looking for the toughest rivers in the country. More details in site:

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